100% Grass Fed & Pasture Finished Beef

100% Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised & Pasture Finished without Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones

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we only do it on grass.

NO BARN is our pledge that our animals are 100% Grass Fed and Pasture Finished.  Our Animals will not be confined to a barn, shed or feed lot.  Our animals are born, raised, and finished on live growing pasture.

Animals that are finished on live growing grasses and forage yield a more nutrient dense beef than animals finished on stored or harvested grass and grain.  Just because it is grass fed, does not mean it is Pasture Finished.

Our Story

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Located in Cleveland, NC in the heart of the Cool Spring Community, we are just a 10 minute drive from Statesville and Mocksville.  We are locally owned and operated.  Our beef is raised in a grass, pasture-based system and finished entirely on live growing forage. We use natural model principals and regenerative grazing techniques to keep the land and animals healthy.

Our Farm to Your Table

Know Where your Beef Comes From

Many factors can affect the supply chain.  Commercial beef, including commercial grass fed beef, moves through many different stages of the beef production chain before it finds its way to the freezer section of your local market.  This means the beef can be owned and managed by different beef operations for each stage.  Each move causes stress to the animals due to change in their local environment, shipping and exposure to other animals, leading to a higher incidence of animal injury and sickness.

Purchasing from our farm eliminates the supply chain guess work.  We know the full record of our beef from birth to harvest.   We use local USDA approved processing facilities.  Our animals spend only a short time on trailers for processing transport. We openly define our protocol, truly believe in what we are doing, and welcome inquiries regarding how your beef was raised.

Regenerative Grazing

Healthy Soil, Healthy Animals

The richest most nutrient dense soils known to man were not formed by man nor were they formed by the use of chemical inputs. They were formed by large grazing herds of ruminants moving across the land eating, fertilizing naturally, trampling and moving on, not to return to the same areas until the plants were fully recovered and ready to be grazed again.

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