Conventional Animals

Why vaccinations are commonly used

In conventional beef production most animals, including grass-fed beef, are moved, lotted and transported, sometimes for many hours, for each production stage (weaning, backgrounding, stocking, finishing & processing). Each stage takes place during the animal’s first 30 months of age. This is also the time when animals are experiencing a natural physical stress from growing. Each time an animal is transported, it adds more stress to the animal. In conventional operations, cattle are vaccinated at each stage to mitigate illness from stress due to transportation and confinement. Without vaccinations, the cattle would not perform well, and many would die.


Our Animals

About Us

Over the last 70 years cattle in the United States and throughout the word, have been selected for traits to enhance their production in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOS). Because of this most of the animals are not adapted to an all grass environment.

We started out with the type of cattle that are available in our area, the cattle genetics mentioned above that have not been bred to thrive on grass. Therefore, knowing that our cattle only eat grass, we chose to vaccinate.

We only use killed vaccines that have been around for decades, and have a long proven track record of being safe for our animals as well as our family and customers.

We do not, and will not use any vaccines containing mRNA spike proteins.

Our Future

Vaccine Elimination Plan

Over the years, we have been selecting for grass genetics from within our own herd that thrive in our birth to harvest all grass production system. As a birth to harvest farm, our animals don’t have to go through the multiple stages or transportation. They are born, raised and grazed right here on our farm.

We continue to improve our land with regenerative grazing practices, this improves forage diversity, quality, and nutrition. This coupled with animals that have natural ability to thrive in their environment leads to healthy animals with a robust immune system, therefore eliminating the need for vaccines.

Removal of all vaccines from our production practices will happen just as we have removed all of the chemicals and poisons (fertilizers, pesticides, parasiticides, growth hormones, herbicides, fungicides, sub therapeutic antibiotics) that are almost considered mandatory to keep cattle alive and reasonably productive for conventionally raised CAFO beef production. We have eliminated these things while improving the well being of our environment, animals, family, and customers.

The reduction of, and eventual discontinued use of vaccines is of the upmost importance to us and is why we are actively working to select animals that are truly adapted to our environment and forages. We believe this is the last piece of the puzzle, and are working towards that goal as quickly as possible. That being said genetic turn over in a cow herd takes a little time.

We are well on our way and hope to be vaccine free by 2026.