How will my beef be shipped?

Beef is shipped using Ground Service (Fed-Ex or UPS) and should arrive at your door in 1-3 business days from the ship date.

Beef is packed in boxes using a 100% recyclable insulation that is produced from recycled water bottles.  We feel it is important to keep up the regenerative program through the shipping process.

Beef will be packed in dry ice or cold packs to keep the product cold and fresh during transit.

When will my beef be shipped.

Orders are shipped on Tuesday with a Friday cutoff for the next week’s shipping. **Special orders with different ship dates will be noted on individual product pages.

How is the beef packaged for shipping?

Beef is shipped in insulated boxes designed for keeping the beef at safe temperatures for multi-day transit times.  Dry ice or drain safe cold packs are used to keep the product cold and fresh during transit. We feel it is important to keep up the regenerative program through the shipping process.

What are the benefits of dry-aged beef?
Dry Aging is the process of hanging a whole side of beef in the open air at a temperature just above freezing and left to age for several weeks before the cuts are prepared. During this process, the meat will slowly dehydrate, and the enzymes will work to break down muscle tissue.  This process yields a more tender and flavorful beef than the typical wet-aged beef commonly found in the supermarket. This is why most high-end restaurants also use Dry Aged beef cuts. Wet Aged Beef is the process where cuts are processed, and vacuum-sealed in plastics and shipped to the market.  The aging takes place while the meat is in transit.
How much freezer space do I need?

Rule of thumb, one cubic foot of freezer space for 35-40 pounds of packaged meat. See tips and our recommendations on our Freezer Space page

Can thawed beef be refrozen?

Beef can be safely refrozen when it is thawed at safe temperatures.  Our beef is shipped in heavily insulated boxes in dry ice or cold packs designed to keep the meat at safe temperatures while in transit.

What are the health benefits of Regeneratively Raised Grass Fed Beef?
Animals that spend their lives in a pasture-based system, mimicking the natural model are healthier and more disease-resistant. Research has also found that beef finished on live growing, biodiverse forage is more nutrient-dense than beef finished on monocultures such as haylage and silage.

Increased intake of Omega 3 reduces inflammation and aids in the prevention of inflammatory diseases. Grass-fed beef has the recommended Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acid ratio to aid in disease prevention.

Grass-fed beef is higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants, vitamin A and E than grain-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef has a cholesterol level lower than, turkey, pork, and chicken and can therefore be used interchangeably with white meats to reduce cholesterol levels.

How long will the beef stay fresh?

After the aging process, cuts are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed.  This process keeps the beef fresh in the freezer for a year or more. 

How do you keep the beef fresh?

After the aging process, cuts are flash frozen, and vacuum sealed.  This process keeps the beef fresh.  We store your beef at zero degrees in USDA inspected freezers.

How can I tell if my beef arrived safe

We strive for happy customers and want you to enjoy our beef as much as we do.

We ship fresh product and use packing material designed to keep the beef cold during transit.   Beef may arrive thawed, but it should be cold to the touch.  Refrigerate or freeze all packages immediately after arrival.

Spoiled beef will have a soured smell and feel slimy or tacky.  If your beef arrives warm to the touch, is damaged or spoiled, please contact us.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept most major credit cards Paypal & PayPal Credit.  Payments are securly processed through Paypal and Stripe. Orders can be submitted online.

Can I pick up my order at the farm?

We do offer a farm pickup option. Availble pick up dates and times will be displayed when you checkout. Please use our contact form if you have specific questions about pickup.

Do you have a Farm Store where I can come and browse?

Currently we do not have a store, only an on farm storage facility.  Once your order has been received, we carefully pull the items and pack your order for shipping or pickup.  Your order will be ready when you arrive at your pickup appointment time.

Do you use mRNA Vaccines

No.  We do not use & will not be using any mRNA spike protein vaccines.  For more info on our vaccine policy, click here.

What do you mean by Chemical Free Production? I thought all grass fed beef was checmical free.

We do not use chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) on our pastures, cattle, or in the production of our beef. This contrasts with most of the grass-fed beef produced in the country.
Most conventional grass-fed beef graze on pastures that are sprayed with herbicides for weed control, and the animals also graze on cover crops that are managed conventionally, meaning that the pastures are sprayed with an herbicide pre-planting. Animals are also supplemented with stored feed and forage that was produced using the same methods of using chemicals. It is also common to use pesticides on the cattle for fly control. For more information about the difference, click here.