Fresh Foraging Ground Daily

Soy Free, Non GMO, Organic Feed

Slow Growing Pasture Breeds

Pastured Chicken

Happy & Healhty Birds

Like people, animals need sunlight  and fresh air to stay healthy.   Chickens are meant to live outdoors.  They are built  to run, roam, and scratch.  It’s in their nature.

One of the most important principles that we have learned on this journey, is that fighting nature is always a losing battle, for the land, air, animals, and people. We’ve partnered with mother nature to let her do her job.

Our Chickens

The Family Flock

Chickens roamed freely on our property long before we had cows. Chickens are friendly creatures (except for the occasional rogue rooster), and their clucks, crows, and coos are soothing and peaceful.

We are fans of free range and pastured eggs. There’s nothing better for breakfast than fresh eggs from a chicken that has been allowed to scratch and forage as nature intended.  The yolks are dark and nutritious. Having access to our own free range eggs has become a requirement in our kitchen.


Meat Birds

Natural Foragers

Our chickens live outdoors and must thrive on pasture. To stay healthy, the birds need to be well adapted and have the desire to forage for food, scratch, and move around.

Convential chicken breeds have been selected and bred for fast, high growth in a confined, controlled environment. These breeds can experience mobility issues because of their extreme growth and weight gain. These breeds are not adaptive to outdoor life and although they can be raised on pasture, if conditions are not ideal the fast-growing breeds tend to have problems.

We use pasture and heritage breeds that will grow at a slower rate and therefore should not experience issues due to extra-fast growth. They will scratch and forage and take advantage of the nutritious ground we are providing.  Because they are slower growing, it takes a little longer to get the meat birds to processing weight, but we feel it’s the better for the birds and that’s important to us.



Chicken Tractors

Our meat chickens (or broilers)  are raised in chicken tractors. The birds are small when they get their feathers and are ready to go out on pasture.  This makes them easy pickin’ for hawks and other predators.  

We use a chicken tractor which provides protection from these predators while allowing the birds access to the sun and soil.  The tractors are moved daily providing birds fresh ground to forage.  This method also allows us to let the chickens fertilize our pastures with each move.  It’s a simple, natural process.  


Humane Animal Handling

Healthy Chickens

We provide the chickens a safe, outdoor environment.  We give them access to fresh water and fresh ground to scratch daily.  We let mother nature do the rest. It’s that simple. 



Certified Organic, Soy Free, Non GMO Feed

Chickens are designed to eat seed and they need a feed supplement  to thrive.  It’s important that we keep our meat and pastures clean. In an effort to provide the cleanest meat possible and not to contaminate our pastures with chemicals from the droppings,  our broilers are fed certified organic, soy free, non GMO feed.


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