Farm Crew

Josh Teague

Josh was born and raised in Ellendale NC, just outside of Taylorsville.  After returning home from the  U.S. Navy, Josh obtained his contractor’s license and started his own construction business.  Being from a farming family background, construction was just not enough. In 2014 Josh came home with the first calf to walk on this farm in over 30 years.  It was an experience, but well worth it and was the beginning of something great, leading us down the path to holistic management. 

Josh plans and manages the cattle grazing and forage needs; keeping the cows fat and happy and improving our soil health and land.  Josh’s insights and management practices have been pivotal to the success of our herd and our regenerative grass fed beef finishing operation.

Farm Crew

brandi teague

Born and raised in Cool Spring NC, Brandi grew up on the farm.  The family got out of the farming business when she was very young and farming aspirations were not at the top of her list, so she chose the business route earning her MBA and working as a consultant in the medical industry.

Although the farm was leased throughout her childhood, her parents instilled in her an appreciation for the farm, the land, and the people who work it.  When Josh first approached her about bringing cattle back to the farm it was a no brainier.  It just seemed right to see this as a working farm with livestock again.  Sharing the farm duties with Josh, Brandi also manages the marketing and distribution for Running T Grass Fed, Pasture Finished beef.

Farm Crew

To Our Extended Farm Family

We would like to thank all our friends, neighbors, family, and community for your support.  You know who you are; traffic patrol, cattle handlers, transportation experts, designers, photographers, and our fellow cattleman who have helped us along this journey. You have all been there when needed more times than we can count and truly are a part of our farm family.  We are  lucky to have your support and hope the Running T name makes you proud.

We believe in what we are doing and hope to extend our community by getting our message out about what we do and how it helps provide a better future for all.