Our Animals

100% Grass and Pasture Based 

Our animals spend their entire lives on annual or perennial pasture.  They are fed a 100% grass and forage diet. Animals are not supplemented grain or confined to a lot for weaning. We are selecting for genetics and animal size that will thrive on a grass diet eating and moving as nature intended.  


Our Animals

100% Grass-fed & Pasture Finished

Our animals remain on pasture during the entire finishing process. Our finishing animals are born on the farm, allowing for full traceability from birth to harvest. Our Animals never receive grain supplementation. We use planned grazing allowing finishing animals to fatten during the growing season on pasture. Our pastures consist of a variety of perennial and annual grasses, legumes, and forbs.  Our animals are not supplemented with any stored forage during the finishing process. Our animals have access to clean fresh water and free choice mineral supplements year-round.  The minerals are 100% vegetarian, and they contain no animal byproducts or insect growth regulators.  Because we do not finish our animals on stored food or supplements, our grass-fed beef will finish during the growing season, which is April- November in our area.


Our Animals

Raised without Antibiotics

Animals in our grass fed beef finishing program, from birth to finishing, never receive antibiotics in any form.

We manage for healthy animals by mimicking the natural model. The natural model keeps the animals moving across the land their entire lives and promotes a live growing bio-diverse forage diet, thus increasing the animals’ cleanliness, nutrition, immunity and overall health.

If an animal becomes sick at any time between birth and finishing, and it’s necessary for the animal’s well being, antibiotics may be administered. On the day of treatment, these animals are given an ear tag identifying antibiotic treatment. These treatments are recorded, withdrawal periods are followed and the animals are removed from our grass fed, pasture finished beef program.


Our Animals

Chemical Free Production Practices

Our topmost priority is the health of our family and community. It’s natural to feel uneasy about the unknown long-term effects of chemicals used in farming, especially when it comes to our children. That’s why we choose to adopt a natural land management approach through animal grazing and do not use any herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides on our pastures or livestock.”


Our Animals


We manage for pasture diversity to provide the highest and most beneficial forage for the animals throughout their entire lives.  Our animals graze on warm and cool season grasses and a variety of legumes.  Our grazing techniques use the animals to manage the land stimulating growth of multiple species and native grasses on which the animals evolved.  A multi species, live growing diet creates healthy animals.  Healthy Animals lead to Healthy People.

Our Animals

Humane Animal Handling

Stressed animals are not healthy animals. We practice low stress, safe handling techniques. We are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified and follow BQA guidelines for animal handling and vaccination administration.

What is BQA?

Visit https://www.bqa.org/ for more information.


Our Animals

Processing Transport

We choose to use local processors that are located within an hour’s drive from our farm.  This eliminates the need for animals to spend long hours on a trailer.  Safe animal handling procedures are used for loading and  animals are humanely transported on the day of processing