Our Label

Defining Our Label

There are so many different labels out there, it is difficult to determine exactly what you are buying.  When we first made the change to grass fed beef for our family, the options were endless. We found that is it easy to spend days doing research on the certifications, labeling, lingo and multiple definitions, still finding yourself more confused than ever.

Below you will find out what the Running T Farms label means.


Our Label

100% Grass Fed

Our Animals are not fed grain.  They do it all on live growing or stockpiled grass and forage.  In extreme cases of drought in the summer, or for winter feeding, they may be fed hay that consists of cool and warm season grasses, legumes and forbs. Animals are rotated across the farm during winter feeding just as they are in the growing season mimicking the natural model as closely as possible. We do all this using the aniamls to manage the grass without using chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or insecticides) on our cattle or pastures. 

Not all grass fed beef is the same?

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Our Label

Pasture Raised & Finished

Our Animals live and finish on pasture containing live growing forage. They are not confined to a feed lot at any time during the fattening process.  They are moved frequently as part of our holistic regenerative grazing practices.  Animals are not supplemented grain, hay, haylage, silage, or any other supplemental feed during finishing. If its not growing, they don’t eat it.

Our Label

Raised Without Antibiotics or Growth Promoting Hormones

Raised without Antibiotics

Animals in our grass fed beef finishing program from birth to finishing, never receive antibiotics, in any form. We manage for healthy animals that do not require antibiotic treatment.  However, we will not see an animal suffer, if one gets sick and if treatment is required we follow farm protocol to mark the animal and remove it from our grass fed beef finishing program.

No added growth hormones

Animals never receive added growth promoting hormones of any kind. We just don’t do it.


Our Practices

Why do it this way?

We have chosen to follow these practices because it’s what we believe.  These are our standards. We believe it is best for the ecosystem as a whole to keep the herbicides and chemical fertilizers out of the pasture and the drugs out of the animals.  We also feel that some of our practices go a step above many of the grass-fed protocols as we do not supplement any grain or stored forages during the finishing process.  We finish all of our cattle during the growing season.  We use what nature provides to care for our animals, provide a nutritious product as we regenerate and enhance the land for the future.