How to Store your Beef


If you have never bought beef in bulk before, you might be wondering about how to store your beef. Follow the guidelines below to get the best results.


How much Freezer Space do I need?

Size does matter when comes to storing beef and freezer size.  We like ’em big, but you don’t have to break the bank to stock up on a season’s supply of 100% grass-fed beef.

The standard is to figure 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat per cubic foot of freezer space.

That’s a good place to start, but you should also consider if you only want to store meat in the freezer, the type of cuts that you will be storing, and how tightly you want your freezer packed.  Roasts, brisket, soup bones, and knuckles will take up more room than ground beef, steaks, and marinade cuts.

Whole Beef

14.8 Cubic Feet

For storing your whole beef, we recommend 14.8 cubic foot or larger.   If you are storing a whole beef and including all the bones, upgrade to a 17 cubic foot.


Half Beef

10 Cubic Feet


For storing your half beef, we recommend 10 cubic foot or larger.


Quarter Beef Package

5 Cubic Feet


We recommend a 5 cubic foot freezer for storing your Quarter Package.  


Eighth Package

3.5 Cubic Foot

A small chest freezer will hold your Big Beef Box 1/8 package with plenty of  room to boot for all of your frozen veggies too!



Small Combo Freezer


You can fit more beef than you think in a small freezer.  This small over the top freezer will hold 40+ lbs of ground beef on the top shelf plus there’s room for about 4-5 roasts on the bottom and steak cuts will fit in the door.


Ground Beef

More room than you think


Here’s a shot with just 30 pounds of ground beef on the top shelf with room for more and this model has an ice maker!

Ground beef bundles and samplers are perfect for smaller freezers.



Foam Board Dividers

Tip:  For large freezers, use foam board to section off bins.  Cut to fit snuggly so it will not collapse. Foam board can be found at Michael’s and Home Depot.


When measuring, be sure to leave room at the top for the lid to close and seal properly.


Protects from Damage

We have found that the bins will help keep your packaging safe because there is less digging about and re-arranging in order to find a desired cut.