Beef- Bones & Organ Meats

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100% Grass-fed Soup Bones (Neck and Rib)

Soup Bones| 4-5 lbs |

100% Grass-fed Beek Knuckles

Approximately 1.5-2lbs each

100% Grass-fed Beef Liver

Approx 13-16oz packs

Out of stock

100% Grass-fed Beef Kidney

Approx 1 lb

100% Grass-fed Beef Heart

Approximately 3lbs

Out of stock

100% Grass-fed Beef Tongue

1.5-2 lbs

100% Grass-fed Marrow Bone

Approx 1.5 -2lbs

100% Grass-fed Oxtail

Approx -1lb

Out of stock

Beef Fat Trimmings

4-5lb Fat Trimmings- Use for flavoring or rendering tallow

In stock

Beef Shank -Osso Buco

2-3 lbs

Out of stock

Short Rib Soup Bones

Great for flavoring, seasoning, & soup bones.  Appx 1lb

100% Grass-fed Ground Beef

80/20 | Individually packed in 1lb packs

Bone Broth Pack

  • 1 Soup Bone Pk 4-5 lbs (neck and rib)- Great for making Stocks and Broths
  • 2 Beek Knuckles- for Added Collagen
  • 1 Pk Beef Shank (includes 2 Shanks) for a Rich, Delicious, Beefy Flavor

Package contents makes approximately 4-5 qt (130-160oz)  of nutrient dense, collagen packed 100% grass-fed beef bone broth. Plus approximately 1 qt of rendered tallow when using recipie.  Great for seasoning dishes, or sip alone as a warm, soothing, nutritious afternoon pick-me-up! Click Here for recipe.



Bones & Organ Meats Whole Beef Bundle

  • 6 Beef Soup Bone Approx 4lb bags
  • 8 Beef Knuckle Bone Approx  1.5-2lb each
  • 3 Beef Marrow Bone Approx 1-2lb each
  • 9 Beef Liver Appx 12oz packs each
  • 2 Beef Oxtail  Approx 1lb each
  • 2 Beef Kidney Approx 1lb each
  • 1 Beef Heart approx  2-3.5lb each
  • 1 Beef tongue approx  2-3lb each
  • 3 Bags Fat Trimming Approx 5lb each

  • 100% Grass-fed beef
  • Pasture Raised and Finished on Live Growing Forage
  • Produced on a Single Independent Family Farm using Regenerative Grazing Practices
  • Chemical Free Pastures & FULL traceability from Birth to Harvest
  • No Antibiotics,  No Added Growth Hormones, No Grain EVER!