We are excited to announce that Running T Farms has been chosen to receive the 2021 North Carolina Environmental Stewardship Award!  This program awards producers who have successfully implemented conservation practices as well as setting a positive example for the beef industry. It is an honor to have been nominated and we are so humbled to be able to swim in that pool of awesome producers.

Things that come quick and easy are not meant to last and we have taken the long road in order not to sacrifice quality for quantity and convenience.  We are seeing the difference in our land, animals and finished product.   We would like to thank the NC Forage & Grasslands Council for recognizing us with this award. We would also like to thank YOU for supporting regeneratively raised 100% grass-fed beef.  You as the consumer will be the deciding factor for the adoption of the practices across the industry.  The more awareness we can bring  to the overall positive effects of regenerative agriculture, the more impact  it will have on the agriculture industry as a whole.  We are committed to a better way and will continue to consider every production decision holistically for a better soil, better environment, healthier animals, and better beef for you.