We want our children to grow up to understand and appreciate how clean and natural is a better way for everyone.  Our boys are still a little young to understand the difference.  They see a cow and call it a cow, but  a Q&A session from an inquisitive young lady,  we came to realize we are already making a difference in the future generation. …

Regenerative Agriculture

by Lily Koski, June 2022

During my time at Running T Farms, I learned that they use a system called regenerative agriculture. What is this? It is a farming system that links farming and ecological systems. It tries to make farming as natural, repairing, and healthy as possible. Regenerative agriculture decreases pollution and global warming. This system increases nutrient rich foods, healthy soil and the range of plants and animals.

I’ve learned how businesses are changing to help wildlife. Running T Farms is one of these businesses. Industrial agriculture can pollute and sicken our planet. If we don’t help the world, then we’ll go down with it.

I was able to observe how animals were living at Running T Farms. Nowadays farm animals can’t just graze naturally over hundreds of miles, so Running T Farms makes it as similar as possible. By moving cows to different paddocks throughout the day and using a strand of wire as a predator, it can be a natural experience for the animals.

 When the herd is in a paddock they eat and fertilize. They choose the best part of the plant to eat, fertilize them and move on to do it again in the next paddock. The animals eating their preferred grass results in a happier, nutrient dense animal and therefore nutrient-dense food for you. 

It’s not just cows that benefit from these pastures at Running T Farms. Chickens are also a part of the club. Chickens reside in a chicken tractor which allows for access to the outdoors while still protected from predators. 

Every day  to provide the birds with fresh pastures these tractors are moved. This lets the birds add to the natural cycle, just like the cows.

The animals eat and then leave that area until the grass regrows. As the animals fertilize, leave, and return, plants grow deeper roots. Those roots help the plant reach deeper soils with richer nutrients, resulting in a better plant.

All good plants grow from good soil. The greatest soils were not man made; they were formed by manure and biodiversity in plants and animals. Living roots thriving in the soil ensures that it stays covered in plant life. 

Nature creates the optimum soil, plants, and food. Happier animals make happier people, and regenerative agriculture is slowly but surely helping the world. The best world, the best meat

About Lily

Lily Koski is a 6th grade student in Bowling Green VA. Studying chemistry in farming led her to research alternative methods of fertilization.

Lily has been visiting our farm for years and there is not a task that she is not ready to tackle. Whether it be cattle moves, setting posts, plucking chickens, or general (not that fun) farm work, she is always ready to lend a hand.

From an early age, this young lady has expressed a passion for all animals and the environment.  She is enrolled in a natural leader’s program where she studies about nature, survival skills and general life knowledge.  Lily crafts amber jewelry for her hometown’s annual festival and the proceeds go to various non-profits to protect animals and the environment.