Family Variety Sampler


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to try some truly life-changing beef that will bring your family closer than ever. If you’re a fan of juicy steaks, succulent roasts, and flavor-packed marinades, you’ll love this sampler. At 20 lbs this box is just the right size to test the waters and experiment with delicious meals for the family. Plus, if you typically eat 1-2 pounds of beef per week, this bundle will last you a whopping 2-4 months! And who knows, it might even tide you over until Your Fall beef is ready.  Be quick, limited stock available.

It’s perfect for small freezers. It will fit in 1 cubic foot of freezer space. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

  • 100% Grass-fed beef
  • Pasture Raised and Finished on Live Growing Forage
  • Produced on our Single Independent Family Farm using Regenerative Grazing Practices
  • Chemical Free Production Practices & FULL traceability from Birth to Harvest
  • No Antibiotics,  No Added Growth Hormones, No Grain EVER!

Package Details: 20 LBS 100% Grass Fed Beef

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Package Details: 20 LBS 100% Grass Fed Beef

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"Meat" Your Farmer Variety Box -Beef Only Sampler, "Meat" Your Farmer Variety Box Beef Plus Pork Sampler