Tallow Balm

Tallow Balm  Beef tallow is a traditional moisturizer that has been used for centuries.  The nutrients and cell structure of tallow is similar to our skin’s cell structure and the nutrients that our skin needs. Tallow provides the building blocks for rebuilding and repairing our skin. Tallow balm is perfect for natural healing, soothing, moisturizing, and replenishing skin.

  • Grass-fed beef tallow is rich in minerals & full of vitamins A ,D, E, K & B12.
  • It has natural antimicrobial & antibacterial properties and aids in skin regeneration.
  • It is full of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has anti-inflammatory properties. CLA is found in the highest concentrations in 100% grass-fed tallow.
  • Grass-fed beef tallow is rich in omega 9 fatty acid, known as oleic acid which helps the other nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin.
  • It contains palmitic acid, which helps improve our skin’s protective barrier, stearic acid, which helps repair damaged skin & improve skin’s flexibility, & palmitoleic acid (omega 7) one of our skin’s basic building blocks.

Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Organic First Cold Pressed Olive Oil (UDSA Certified), Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (USDA Certified).  That’s it. Simple, natural ingredients, that you can pronounce.

Tallow Balm is produced on our farm in small batches. Product ships separatly from perishable items due to sub zero temperatures of perishable item boxes.  A separate shipping charge may apply.



Additional Info & FAQs

What are some tallow balm uses  *Tallow balm has many uses including, Dry Skin, Anti-aging Face Cream,  Eczema,  Acne (it’s antimicrobial properties soothe and help heal even deep, cystic acne)  Sunburn, Diaper Rash (unscented version), & Hair Conditioning Treatment.

What exactly is Tallow? Tallow is rendered fat from beef and other ruminats.  Many minerals & nutrients and fatty acids are found in tallow such as vitamins A, D, E, K & B12 and conjugated lonoleic acid.  Tallow can be rendered from a mix of subcutaneous fat, fat from around the muscles, and fat from inside the body.  It is typically harder and whiter than suet.   Suet is the fat rendered from specifically around the kidneys.  Suet is especially high in vitamins and fatty acids and has a softer deep yellow color.  Our tallow products contain both the tallow and suet.

Why grass-fed tallow? Tallow from cattle fed and finished on only grass, and never fed grain, contains the highest amount of beneficial nutrients. Your grass-fed tallow is from 100% grass-fed cows that were ,born, raised, and grazed on our family farm in NC. This ensures that the tallow is from animals that have never, ever received antibiotics, added growth hormones, or grain, and that that the animals spend their entire lives on chemical free pastures.

What about smell? The tallow used to make your balm is unrefined.  We use a rendering and clarifying process including only low heat and salt.  Simply put, unlike most commercial tallow, your balm is made from tallow rendered without the use of harmful chemicals, bleach, or deodorizers. This process produces a clean, natural, product and keeps the integrity of the nutrients intact.  Tallow rendered using this method may have a slight natural smell to sensitive noses. This scent  blends pleasantly with the natural smells of the essential oils.

How do you source your ingredients:  All of our tallow is sourced from the beef on our farm.  We keep our beef clean and free from chemical inputs and our tallow pure using a natural rendering process.  We feel that it is important to continue this natural process using only simple, natural, ingredients that you can pronounce.  For scent, we use essentails oils that also contain beneficial properties for the skin. We are a small, independent family operation, with limited volume, therefore we have to use multiple sources for our products.  Our criteria when sourcing ingredients is USDA Certified Organic and 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Directions :  Apply a small amount to skin and rub in well. Test on a small area for sensitivity when using new products. Tallow balm is soft, spreadable, and easy to use for healthy and great looking skin. A little bit goes a long way. Tallow balm is readily absorbed by the skin, so it does not result in a greasy look.

Storage and shelf life:  Your 100% grass-fed beef tallow balm  has been hand crafted for you by your farmer. It contains no added preservatives, and it should be stored in a cool, dry, place away from sunlight. When stored properly, whipped tallow balm has a shelf life of 4-5 months. Unwhipped tallow balm will last a year or more.

*These statements are not approved by the FDA.  Not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease.

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