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“NC” Strip Steak Family Bundle


Popularly known as a “New York” strip steak.  Our superior strip steak deserves it’s own name. Since this steak is Born Raised and Grazed in North Carolina we think the “NC” strip is fitting.  Our 100% grass fed beef comes packed with family meals around the dinner table and sophisticated southern charm.  This package includes 2 NC Strip steaks, short ribs, our signature Red Label steak burger and more…

Born Raised and Grazed right here in North Carolina on a single independent family farm.

Why is our beef better? Here’s the Running T Farms Difference
  • 100% Grass Fed, Pasture Raised and Finished, NO Antibiotics, NO Added Growth Hormones
  • Our pastures are chemical free! This is huge!! No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are applied to our pastures producing a quality beef you can trust with your family’s health and well-being.
  • Independent Producer = No Production Questions. Our animals are born, raised, grazed on our farm
  • Our beef is hand-cut by an Expert Butcher in a USDA Inspected (for safety and cleanliness) Facility
  • Dry Aged for superior flavor and Tenderness
  • Flash frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and flavor
  • Cows Live Full Happy Lives on Open Pastures
  • Taste Great and Nutritious!

(2) NY Strip Steaks (1) Pack Red Label Steak Burger Patties 8oz includes 2 Steak patties (1)Pack Short Ribs (1) Pack 4oz Ground Beef Patties, includes 4 patties (2) Pack Ground Beef (1)Pack Red Label Steak Burger (1)Roast (Shoulder Area) (1) Pack Stew Beef

Approximately 24 meals of 100% Grass Fed Beef.

FAQs and More
How is your beef different from other grass feed beef?

“We raise all of our animals and see them from birth to harvest therefore eliminating the question in the supply chain regarding production practices. Most animals move from farm to farm or products are sourced from multiple farms before reaching the consumer. We believe the label is only as good as the producer’s beliefs and the more producers involved the higher the risk animals that do not meet the protocol will reach the consumer. We have also chosen to only raise the animals that our farm will support with the live growing forage that we can produce. We do not confine our animals to a barn, lot, or single pasture area and carry supplemental feed to them for the fattening process. We finish all of our animals on live growing multi-species forage, therefore improving the land, the health of the animals, and the nutrient density of the beef. In addition to our regenerative production practices, we place an emphasis on our finishing process to promote marbling, tenderness, and flavor. We want our grass fed beef to be the best tasting grass fed beef you’ve ever had.

What are the benefits of dry-aged beef?

Dry Aging is the process of hanging a whole side of beef in the open air at a temperature just above freezing and left to age for several weeks before the cuts are prepared. During this process, the meat will slowly dehydrate, and the enzymes will work to break down muscle tissue.  This process yields a more tender and flavorful beef than the typical wet-aged beef commonly found in the supermarket. This is why most high-end restaurants also use Dry Aged beef cuts.  Wet Aged Beef is the process where cuts are processed, and vacuum-sealed in plastics and shipped to the market.  The aging takes place while the meat is in transit.

Payment Options

We accept most major credit cards and pay pal credit.  Orders can be submitted online.


Orders are shipped Monday-Wednesday to ensure beef arrives fresh. Customers will receive order approval, and a separate email once shipped with the ship date and tracking.  Beef is shipped using Fed Ex Home Delivery and should arrive at your door in 1-3 business days.


We use a 100% recyclable box.  Our box liners are made of 100% recyclable insulation that is produced from recycled water bottles.  Dry ice or drain safe cold packs are used to keep the product cold and fresh during transit. We feel it is important to keep up the regenerative program through the shipping process.

How long will the beef stay fresh?

After the aging process, cuts are flash-frozen, and vacuum sealed.  This process keeps the beef fresh in the freezer for up to a year.


Beef can be safely be refrozen when it is thawed at safe temperatures.  Our beef is shipped in heavily insulated boxes in dry ice or cold packs designed to keep the meat at safe temperatures while in transit.

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(2) NY Strip Steaks (1) Pack Red Label Steak Burger Patties 8oz includes 2 Steak patties (1)Pack Short Ribs (1) Pack 4oz Ground Beef Patties, includes 4 patties (2) Pack Ground Beef (1)Pack Red Label Steak Burger (1)Roast (Shoulder Area) (1) Pack Stew Beef

All cuts are flash frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve flavor and freshness

*Meals are calculated using 6 oz servings