40 Meals of 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Red Label Ground Beef Bundle

Get the perfect pack for the freezer. Red Label Steak Burger goes great in any dish from burger and tacos to spaghetti. Whip up a delicious chopped steak dinner in a jiff with these 8oz patties. Perfectly packed, vacuum-sealed, and freezer ready.  Red Label Steak Burger is approximately 90% lean and includes all the premium steaks in each bite.

Package Details: 10 Packs of  Red Label Steak Burger | 5 Packs of Red Label Steak Burger Patties | Individually Packed in 1 lb packs | Steak Burger Patties 8 oz 2 to a pack | Flash Frozen and Vacuum Sealed | Approx 90% Lean | meals calculated at 6oz servings

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Approximately 80% lean |  packaged in 1 lb packs | dry-aged| flash-frozen |vacuum-sealed

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