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Tender, Juicy, Enormous mouth-watering Thick Cut Filets. Big enough to share (but who wants to do that!)  Treat the meat lover in you with the best of the best of our 100% grass-fed beef. This package has it all.  Thick Premium Steaks and Extra Large Thick Burgers for delicious gourmet burgers. Order today, while supplies last and get your pick of our “Yeti for Summer” barware collection1

From: $335.40

Ground Beef

Approximately 80%-90 lean |  packaged in 1 lb packs | dry-aged| flash-frozen |vacuum-sealed

$14.95 each

Out of stock

Ribeye Steak Medium

100% Grass-fed Ribeye steaks. Mouth-watering, tender, and full of flavor.  Approximately 10oz, 1 inch thick, flash-frozen, vacuum-sealed, individually packed

$27.84 each

Out of stock

Roast Sirloin Tip 3-4 Lb (Round Area)

$44.99 each

In stock

Cubed Steak 14-16oz Pk

$17.63 each

In stock

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