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  • 100% Grass-fed beef
  • Pasture Raised and Pasture Finished on Live Growing Forage
  • Produced on a Single Independent Family Farm using Regenerative Grazing Practices
  • Chemical Free Production Practices & FULL traceability with Birth to Harvest on the Same Farm
  • No Antibiotics,  No Added Growth Hormones, No Grain EVER!


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Sirloin Steak 5-6oz

New York Strip Steak 5-6oz

Eye of Round Steak 5-6oz Pk

Packed 2-3 per Pk- Each Steak 2-3 oz

Stir Fry 14-16oz Pk

Cubed Steak 14-16oz Pk

Roast London Broil 3-4Lb (Round Area)

Roast Sirloin Tip 3-4 Lb (Round Area)

Roast Chuck Boneless 2-3Lb (Shoulder Area)



100% Grass-fed Brisket Full

Beef Brisket Full - Packaged folded. Flash Frozen & Vacuum Sealed


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100% Grass-fed Brisket Full

Weight N/A

6-7lb, 8-9lb, 10-11lb