Paleo Nutrition Pack- includes heart, liver, & tongue


Loaded with must-have nutrients such as Vitamins A, B Complex, Iron, Folate, and Zinc, the Paleo Pack boasts rare cuts that are hard to come by. On top of that, it includes all the bones necessary for collagen-rich bone broth that’s packed with essential nutrients. All from 100% grass-fed beef, it’s also chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids. So treat yourself to this ultimate health box and enjoy!

  • 1 Beef Heart
  • 1 Beef Tongue
  • 1 Beef Knuckle (Great for broth)
  • 1 Bag Soup bones- neck and rib, 3-4 lbs (For nutrient packed bone broth and flavorful stock)
  • 1 Beef Kidney
  • 3 Beef Liver 12oz Packs
  • 1 Pk Osso Buco (2 per pack)
  • 1 Pk Marrow Bone (1-2lb)
  • 1 Pk Beef Fat Trimming 3-4 Lb (for rendering tallow for cooking)
  • 1 Pk Oxtail (14-15oz)
  • 4 Packs Ground Beef Appx 80/20