We began this journey toward regenerative agriculture and grass fed beef in order to improve our health, the land, and our way of life. It is said that there is a purpose in everything. This has been true for us exponentially.

Not long after the launch of our website and retail grass fed beef endevor, we found out that we had help on the way. In an instance, the importance of a nutrient dense protein source we could trust coupled with the regeneration of the land for the future and preservation of the rural way of life increased threefold.

On Friday Dec 6, 2019 we welcomed into this world our identical twin boys, Wil and Wes.

We are so excited and looking forward to this new leg of our journey. We are thankful for the opportunity to raise our boys on the farm and to be able to instill in them an appreciation for the land and animals as well as an understanding of the importance of preserving this natural resource for their future, the future of the community, and agriculture as a whole.

As we celebrate our newfound family, we would like to wish everyone a Happy, Heathy, New Year.

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