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About our Beef


100% Grass-Fed


No Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones


Pasture Raised & 100% Grass Finished


Chemical FREE Production Practices


Independent Family Farm


Birth to Harvest on Same Farm

We set out on the path toward regenerative agriculture and grass fed beef in order to improve our health, the land, and our way of life for the future. When our twin boys Wil and Wes arrived, our passion for clean food and a healthy ecosystem increased exponentially. Suddenly, we became more committed than ever to our mission of regenerative agriculture and grass-fed beef. Why? Because we want to improve not only our health and the health of the land but also the future for our boys and for generations to come.

We're thrilled to take this next step in our journey and feel so fortunate to raise our kids on the farm. It's a joy to watch them grow up surrounded by animals and nature, and we hope to pass down a deep respect for the land and all its inhabitants. After all, preserving this precious resource isn't just important for our own family but for the community and agriculture in general.

If you're looking for a farm that shares your values, look no further. We look forward to serving you and your family, and we're honored to be your partners on this meaningful journey.

Clean, Healthy, Delicious, Grass-fed Beef!

Here's what this means!


100% Grass-fed

Beef is produced on live-growing, biodiverse forage using Regenerative practices for a more flavorful, nutrient dense beef for you!

Animals live their entire lives on Chemical FREE Pastures consuming live growing forage and, NEVER EVER  fed grain!


No Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones

We use the natural system to keep the animals healthy.  Your beef has NEVER EVER had ANY Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones.


Pasture Raised & GRASS Finished

Natural model, REGENERATIVE practices are used to build soil, capture carbon, keep animals healthy, while producing healthier product for you!

Chemical Free Production Practices

No herbicides, pesticides, fungicides are used on our pastures or in the production of our beef.

Independent Family Farm

We are not a meat aggregate. All of our beef is raised and produced right here on our farm.


Birth to Harvest

Our beef is Born, Raised & Grazed on our Family Farm in North Carolina ensuring full traceability of production!


"Steak was Fantastic!"

"The steak was fantastic! The best and if you have autoimmune issues, what a game-changer."
-  Barbara

"Best Steak I Have Ever Had!"

"The meat is of the highest quality. I have enjoyed their steaks and hamburger meat. The steaks are exceptional! I cooked the steak according to the directions they provided and it was the best steak I have ever had! For the first time in my life, I did not use a-1 steak sauce."
- George

"Excellent Service!"

"Thanks for the excellent service. Everything arrived in perfect condition."
- Sharon

Running T Farms at Home

"Delight your taste buds with Running T Farms grass-fed beef! Our customers are whipping up adventurous and nutritious meals for their families to enjoy."
"We decided after eating it the first time that we would only buy from you (Running T Farms)"
- Natalie
"The bratz were WONDERFUL! I cooked the 4 pack and was going to save 2 for tonight.  We ate everything!"
- Claudia
"I've had far fewer health issues using your beef than commercial!"
- Cassandra

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