One More thing.. {{customer_first_name}}! Try a nutritious bone broth pack!

Get your collagen packed beefy bone broth!

Pack makes 4-5 quarts of 100% grass-fed beef bone broth plus approximalty 1 quart of rendered tallow.

Broth is great for cooking, flavoring, and even sipping for a nutrtious pick-me-up.  Makes two batches! We’ve even got a recipe!

Bone Broth Pack
  • 1 Soup Bone Pk 4-5 lbs (neck and rib)- Great for making Stocks and Broths
  • 2 Beek Knuckles- for Added Collagen
  • 1 Pk Beef Shank (includes 2 Shanks) for a Rich, Delicious, Beefy Flavor

Package contents makes approximately 4-5 qt (130-160oz)  of nutrient dense, collagen packed 100% grass-fed beef bone broth. Plus approximately 1 qt of rendered tallow when using recipie.  Great for seasoning dishes, or sip alone as a warm, soothing, nutritious afternoon pick-me-up! Click Here for recipe.



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“Roast was amazing! Everyone noticed the great flavor and tenderness.”


We have been purchasing from Running T Farms since we moved to NC.  They server their customer with a superior product and service.