Sponsored by NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, NC AgVentures is an NC State Extension program that provides grants to NC family farms and community organizations that support family farms, to develop new and innovative agricultural projects which will increase farm profits.

We started out in 2019 with a small building and chest freezers. By November 2020 we had had to double our freezer space to meet our processing capacity and we were running out of room for future expansion.

Like most farming operations, capital is tied up in the land that feeds the animals, and there’s just not a lot of room left over for growth investment.  In late 2020 we applied for a small grant that would assist in adding an on-farm walk-in freezer.

A growing farm to table operation, needs space for expansion. Increasing on-farm storage capacity, allows us to store more product at once and gives us temporary storage of bulk.   This is necessary for the ability to provide conveniently shipped bulk packages. Without it, we would not have the room.

The extra space also allowed to plan for future growth.  It takes two years to produce grass-fed beef, and we are a birth to harvest operation therefore always having to look a few years down the road when  predicting growth & demand.     

We were honored  to be one of the 2021 recipients for the NC Ag Ventures Grant.  This award assisted with funding for our walk-in freezer project.

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