Purchasing a whole, half, or quarter beef gets you the premium cuts for hamburger price.  

Bulk Beef Pricing

Whole, half and quarter beef is sold by the hanging or carcass weight. Carcass weight is the weight of the animal after the head, horns, hide, and organs have been removed. On average carcass weight is 60% of the total live weight of the animal The finished usable beef is the carcass less the bone, excess fat trimmings, and moisture loss resulting from the dry aging process.  On average the finished usable beef will yield 72% of the carcass weight.

Our animals finish at approximately 1200 lbs. A whole beef will yield approximately 518lbs of finished beef. To calculate estimated cost, use the live animal weight multiplied by 60% to get the carcass or hanging weight.  Then multiply the carcass weight by 72%.  That total is the usable beef.

Whole Beef = 518 lbs

Live Animal Weight (1200lbs) X.60=Carcass Weight (720 lbs)
Carcass Weight (720 lbs) X.72= Usable Beef Whole Beef (518 lbs)

Divide by 2 for a half, divide by 4 for a quarter

Half/ Side =approx.  260 lbs
Quarter    =approx. 130lbs

In our example,

a whole beef priced at $4.75/lb hanging weight would cost $3,488.40  (720 X 4.75) +2% sales tax. That’s for 518 lbs of packaged grass fed beef at $6.73 per pound.  

Beef will stay fresh in the freezer for up to a year.